NECA Boston Education Program Bulletin

Alan Scharfe President John A. Penny Company William Weber Jr. Vice President Gaston Electrical Co., Inc. David Noon Treasurer J & M Brown Co., Inc. Kathleen E. Guinee Secretary Aetna Fire Alarm Service Co., Inc. Michael McDonald Governor McDonald Electrical Corp. Matt Guarracino Director J M Electrical Company, Inc. Dan Venezia Director T & T Electrical Contractors Brian Murphy Director A. Murphy Inc. Joseph McCluskey Director E G Sawyer Co., Inc. Joseph Bodio Director LAN-TEL Communications Thomas M. Driscoll Director E S Boulos, Inc. John McLaughlin Director Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies David Ayer Director Ayer Electric Inc. John Quinci Director Cruz Electric, Inc. Education and Training – A Key Competitive Differentiator This year launches a new year and new opportunities to learn and grow. Our education program theme is Powering Performance Through Education and Training and our offerings include state-of-the-art workshops and special events designed to connect you with the latest education and networking opportunities. As we all know, experience, education, training and performance distinguish NECA electrical and telecommunications contractors from our competition. Proper training is crucial to building and growing our businesses, increasing profitability, improving productivity, enhancing our reputation and expanding our market share. Our Education Committee continues to support our members’ growth by overseeing the educational workshops and tools that NECA Boston develops for its member companies. As our mission explains: we provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge professional development curriculum designed to address our members’ leadership and management needs as well as the latest industry trends and technologies. Do review our new Bulletin and find the workshops and special events that meet your firm’s needs. I look forward to seeing you and your team in class! Continuing Growth Requires Continuing Professional Development The Boston construction market continues to grow, especially in the areas of housing, technology, healthcare and public amenities. This growth demands the best trained electrical contractors who can meet new construction delivery requirements as well as deploy new technologies to increase construction speed and accuracy. This year, our Education Program is designed to help you do just that. NECA Boston + NECA National – A Program for Everyone! Professional and continuing education is a critical component in NECA Boston’s program to meet our member contractors’ business needs. Rapidly evolving technologies and platforms on which today’s construction projects are planned and built – BIM, Lean Construction, Prefabrication, EPC projects and so many others – demand training and professional development to keep our contractors and our skilled IBEW workforce on top of ongoing advancements in the industry. This year, our Chapter’s Educational Program includes many offerings for you to attend. In addition, our program is supplemented by NECA National’s broad range of online programs in all aspects of electrical and tele-data construction. Be sure to register for the programs that will help your company grow. Brian Murphy, Education Chair President A. Murphy Electric Inc. Kristen Gowin Executive Manager NECA Boston Chapter NECA BOSTON 2021 BOARD OF DIRECTORS