NECA Boston Education Program Bulletin

Education Subcommittees Our Education Committee includes Subcommittees that enable us to identify specific topics that will support the needs of our members who operate in different electrical contracting specialties. In some cases, Committee members can assign company staff to contribute to the development of workshops, i.e. Safety, Specialty Programs and other relevant disciplines. NECA Boston Moving Forward! 2021 is a year of Reimagining NECA Boston. With a strong foundation of over 100 years of history supporting our membership and its outstanding industry brand, we look to the future to increase our market share in Boston’s robust construction industry. We know there is no better way to improve our performance than through education and training at every level. A New Digital Education Bulletin This year, we have organized our educational program to better serve you and your team. Our new Education Bulletin is now presented in both PDF and digital format and will enable you to identify courses based on topics as well as dates. Register for specific sessions or create a workshop program designed for specific company team members. Stay Engaged! We also encourage you to participate in NECA Boston and NECA Special Events and Educational Programs. Stay engaged by registering for these programs. You will find more information about them beginning on page 42. We also launched our new series, Power 30 Lunch & Learn. Learn more about our monthly series on page 37. Walter Morrell Director of Education & Outreach NECA Boston Chapter Our Education Committee oversees the educational workshops and tools that NECA Boston develops for member companies, providing a professional development curriculum that is both comprehensive in scope and leading-edge in addressing the leadership and management needs, trends and latest technologies in the industry. Workshops are designed to fulfill the training needs of the various levels of the NECA Boston members and their firms. The Committee sets the agenda and assists in the promotion of the workshops to the membership and to the industry. 2021 NECA BOSTON EDUCATION COMMITTEE Education Committee Members Brian Murphy, Chair A. Murphy Electric Inc. Alan Scharfe , NECA President John A. Penny Company Rob Brouillard Mass Electric Thomas Cooney McDonald Electrical Corp. Adam Palmer J M Electrical Company, Inc. Ryan Toland Atlantic Power & Light Daniel Venezia T&T Electrical Contractors Michael Weber Gaston Electrical Co., Inc. • Leadership • Project Management • Technology • Energy Efficiency • Safety • Construction Management • Foreman Training • Building Information Modeling • Sustainability