Welcome to NECA Boston and IBEW Local 103 Foreman Training Program

The NECA Boston and IBEW Local 103 Foreman Training Program has been completely redesigned! This three-day intensive program provides foremen with the skills and insight they need to manage a broad range of issues that they face on the job. Some key areas include: managing production and materials, communication and documentation, project closeout and safety. This training advances a foreman’s career in the electrical industry and is required by the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between NECA Boston and IBEW Local 103.


Every three years, certified Foreman are required to take a one-day Refresher Update Class. Visit us again for more information about that program that will be available.

Key Take-Aways

Who should attend this program?

This special Certificate Program is required of all foreman or professionals aspiring to become foreman in electrical construction. Current or new Foremen who have not previously attended Foreman Training along with existing Foremen who are looking to gain knowledge into new and best practices should register for this class.


The Foreman Training is comprised of 12 modules delivered through in-class instruction across a three-day intensive program. This training program is available through three series scheduled in the Fall, Winter and Spring-Summer.


Upon successful completion, the individual will receive an official Foreman Training Certificate, along with a foreman training card issued by IBEW Local 103. A Refresher Update Program, will be required three years after successful completion of the Program.

Foreman Core Values

There is a new generation of Foreman who represent the best-in-class of their industry. Their core values include:

Open Minded
The goal of this special Certificate Program is to advance Foreman as vitally important members of the full construction team and encourage the core values to become an integral part of their training.


Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch of Dominion Consulting LLC is a construction industry expert and management consultant. He believes that the construction industry has tremendous room for growth and works to contribute to that end. He works with clients to improve project delivery methods, build effective teams, research, educate and resolve complex disputes and litigation. Prior to starting his own consulting practice, Lynch worked for large general contracting companies in both New York City and Boston.


With over 50 years of combined experience as IBEW Local 103 members and Foreman, our co-instructors bring a tremendous amount of knowledge to these sessions. Having managed and supervised crews on jobsites of all sizes their insight and ‘real life’ experience allows for an engaging dialogue which will help you understand and navigate your new role. From best practices to tips and tricks our co-instructors will ensure you are ready to meet the challenges you will face on and off the jobsite.